Friday, April 17, 2015

San Francisco Reaction

For this San Francisco trip reaction piece, I used the same brainstorming method I had worked from previously in my NY piece (see here) ---->

I began with my overall strongest impressions of the city. I first recalled how steep the streets in San Francisco were. I had visited once before, years ago. Even though it had been a brief driving tour, I still remembered how vertically inclined the sidewalks could be. It was even more apparent this time around, as I was mostly on foot.

San Francisco was colorful and everything looked heavily saturated compared to where I currently live, in Boston. The palette here feels more cool and subdued, (though the contrast of New England leaves in the fall is stunning). I was quite taken with San Francisco's apartment architecture, as well as the streets of Chinatown. I loved the pagoda style roofs and the Chinese lanterns.

Lastly, I was bemused to see quite a few fit people, with some surprisingly un-fit dogs. This was hard to reconcile with the roller coaster streets, which provide ample exercise, but I saw more than one extra curvaceous pug or dachshund.

Ultimately, my image became about San Franciscan pedestrians, steep streets, tottering balance, bright colors, a struggling pug, and the seaside atmosphere. I wanted something bright, dynamic, maybe even a bit art deco, though the end result isn't quite in that genre. I had a lot of fun with this piece, and thanks to my classmates' critiques, made some final changes for the better.

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